Light Bulb Safety Cage

Light Bulb Cage Features

theLightCage is designed to provide secure and effective protection for light bulbs used in keyless light fixtures, of the kind typically installed in garages, laundry rooms, basements, closets, storage rooms or work rooms. theLightCage will fit over any keyless light fixture, whether the older porcelain type or the newer plastic version.

Why Does theLightCage Work Better? theLightCage Provides:

High Impact Resistance

Made from engineered-grade plastic, theLightCage provides outstanding impact resistance, unlike competitive plastic products.

Secure Mounting

theLightCage features a patented design where the safety cage mounts behind the base of the fixture, rather than on the “neck” of the fixture, providing excellent stability and security when impacted.

Easy Installation and Changing Bulbs

theLightCage requires no re-wiring or removal of the fixture in order to install. The open design of the safety cage allows for your hand to reach in to change bulbs without removing the cage, while still providing protection.

Design Appeal

theLightCage is designed to look attractive, as well as be functional. It’s neutral color and sleek design makes theLightCage as suitable for remodeled living areas as the workshop.